The recordings from the inaugural Immerse UK Summit at BEYOND Conference are now available to view

Immerse UK premium members can now view the recordings from all of our sessions at the Immerse UK Summit listed below:

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The Immerse UK Summit at BEYOND 2022 began with opening remarks & the launch of the 2022 Immersive Economy Report, followed by a panel discussion on Accelerating Inclusion. Watch here

Panel discussion: Accelerating Inclusion: Workshop on Inclusive Design for Immersive Experiences
Inclusive design creates content that is more accessible and delightful to those with permanent lived experiences of disability, and to all of us who temporarily or situationally move, sense, think or feel differently. Watch here

Nina Solomons – Anomie XR
Storytelling is an essential part of understanding our life. The stories that we tell ourselves, about how we perceive or experience the world is complicated. Anomie combines gaming, creative therapy, and immersive technologies to empower therapy clients to create positive narratives and communicate them to therapists and coaches without words. Watch here

Immersive experience: The Art of designing our environment from every perspective
David Edge leads Arup’s experiential environments practice. He spoke about Arup’s passion, relentless exploration and deep understanding of how we as human beings perceive our built environment – our sensations, perception, and emotions. He explored how the use of human centered Immersive simulation, and prototyping are at the core of how we create successful design and outcomes. Watch here

Sol Rogers, Magnopus – Don’t Just Replicate Your Business in the Metaverse, Build a New World
In this session, you’ll hear Sol Rogers, Global Director of Innovation for Magnopus, talk about the essential ways to think about translating your business into a world today. Watch here

Immerse UK Student Award Announcement
Immerse UK’s Academic Working Group has been working with industry to craft a first of its kind competition for UK students building innovative ideas, experiences or projects for the XR industry to submit their work and show us what they’re doing and exploring. The award aims to help connect students to industry, bring fresh ideas and talent, and bridge the pathway from academic learning to real world problem solving and cross sector applications. Watch here

Victor Lander, Avocado Toast – Eat Your History: Research-led Immersive Dining Experience at the Great Incense Road
This talk demonstrated how multisensory history research (gustatory, visual, audial) led by Avocado Toast & Bompas Parr in collaboration with the AlUla Museum, brought to life an unforgettable immersive experience about the Great Incense Road in the middle of the Arabian desert. Watch here

Awen – From exploiting Trauma as an Artistic Medium to creating a revolutionary mental health solution in the metaverse
Sean Rogg, is the creator of The Waldorf Project, a genre defying and radical immersive art series of performance that combines technologies and emotional manipulation to develop new ways to explore a creative vision. Sean will share with us his journey and talk about what led him to explore mental health first and then translate this into the creation of a radical VR approach at Awen. Watch here

Karen Newman, BOM – Where Art, Technology and Science Collide for Sustainability and Social Impact
Karen discussed some of the ways BOM in Birmingham are using immersive to highlight environmental issues and engage under-represented communities. Projects include Mother Nature – an XR experience and mobile game drawing on live environmental data to stimulate climate action through game play (currently in development); and the technology-enabled Queen’s Baton BOM created for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, which gathered air quality data and 360 video across its global tour. Watch here

Utilising XR to meet the challenges Heritage attractions face successfully and sustainably: From the undersea exploration of the Mary Rose to the top of Spinnaker Tower 
The session commenced with a 5 minute video presentation on the collaborative Community renewal Funded project Enabling XR Enterprise (eXRe), followed by a panel discussion (with Museum/Visitor Attraction guests). eXRe utilises the power of immersive technology to meet the challenges that museums/heritage and visitor attractions face. The panel also discussed the role XR plays in helping museums and heritage/visitor attractions to move towards net zero and increase sustainability. This will include a discussion of the role of XR in reimaging place – as finding more sustainable and effective ways to wayfind between the cities heritage offerings has been a key part of the project with Gosport Borough Council, as well as with our wider heritage partners. Watch here

Asha Easton Immerse UK Wrap-up 
Asha brings the curtain down on the 2022 Immerse Summit. Watch here